The most Powerful Things in the world

I have a question, do the most powerful things are matter?  Can you see them? Is money the most powerful thing? Is it fame? Or, is it any other? 

The most powerful things do not lie in the outer world? But, they are what which make the humans unique? They lie in your mind and heart. They aren’t matter but the whole materialistic world  is operated by them and we can’t see them but can see their effects clearly.

They are just like people playing game on computer screen behalf of any gaming character. You can’t see the people playing game on the screen, but you can see the characters which are controlled by these people. But, the real masters are these people. Similarly, the most powerful things can’t be seen. But, they control you.

These are your emotions, desires and feelings. But, they make a your character. Let’s take an example. Suppose, you marry a woman or man if you are female. He or She is physically very handsome or beautiful. But, with nature and character he or she is exactly opposite. Then, for sometime you will feel good. But after that you will have fight with that person and other ugly matters. If it gets worse, you both can have divorce. If, you have children at that time, a destruction of family will be more harmful to your children than you. How will you feel at that time? I think you must have understand the value of the character.

But what about the stuff which increases your emotions. You must like music. Maybe in the world someone exists  who don’t  like music .But, It is liked by almost all, the genre may be different. It also cures disease and we use it in study hours. What is special present in that? If we talk about good content, then good content is present in other forms of writings like essay, etc. But, the artful arrangements of words and composition of music which mainly focuses on our emotions. Our emotional strength goes on its peak during listening a song. So, when we are listening a dance song, we sometimes start dancing. This is the reason that it is liked by most. We get highly motivated by a motivational song.

   Hey, I have a question again? What is  your true identity? Is it your money or fame or body or physical beauty? None of these. Your main identity constitutes of your ideas, mindset, power to deal with bad situations, emotional strength, creativity. Also, your anger, ego, inferiority complex as well as your superiority complex. All your good qualities as well your bad qualities make you what you are.

But,  while getting education the type of questions asked in the examination aim to check the knowledge which the student has get from outside. Let’s take an example, a student has learnt that 2+2=4. This stuff he must have understand from any teacher or book. So, if he answers this, then the teachers can understand that how much has the student acquired from outside. But, with these type of questions we can’t know  that what the student is from inside? The student who has answered 2+2=4 can be very good at mathematics. But, maybe, he can be timid or emotionally weak or less creative or very arrogant or dishonest or studies everyday like machine and doesn’t think on any subject. What about these things? Who will take care of that? I am not against of taking mathematical test or some other. But, the things which come from inside of a student tell his actual character. We should also focus on these things.

Thank You,

Ayush and Adarsh 

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Story of the black hole

Story of the black hole


A black hole is a region of space from which nothing, including light, can escape.[1] According to the general theory of relativity, it is the result of the curving of spacetime caused by a very dense mass

Around a black hole there is a position of no return, called the event horizon. It is called “black” because it absorbs all the light that hits it, reflecting nothing, just like a perfect black body in thermodynamics(branch of physics which deals with movement of heat between different objects). Under the theory of quantum mechanics black holes have a temperature and emit Hawking radiation, which makes them slowly get smaller.

In 1783, an Englishman named John Michell wrote that it might be possible for something to be so big and heavy that the speed to escape from its gravity is more than the speed of light. Gravity gets stronger as something gets bigger or more massive.

Some scientists thought Michell might be right, but others thought that light had no mass and would not be pulled by gravity. His theory was forgotten.

In 1916 Albert Einstein wrote an explanation of gravity called general relativity. It is a complicated theory, but there are two important things about it:


Mass causes space (and spacetime) to bend, or curve. Moving things “fall along” or follow the curves in space. This is what we call gravity.

Light always travels at the same speed, and is affected by gravity. If it seems to change speed, it is really traveling along a curve in spacetime.


A few months later, a German physicist used Einstein’s equations to show that a black hole could exist. In 1930, Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar predicted that stars heavier than the sun could collapse when they ran out of hydrogen and died. In 1939, Robert Oppenheimer and H. Snyder calculated that a star would have to be at least three times as massive as the sun to form a black hole. In 1967, John Wheeler gave black holes the name “black hole” for the first time. Before that, they were called “dark stars”.

In 1970, Stephen Hawking and Roger Penrose proved that black holes must exist. Although the black holes are invisible (they cannot be seen), some of the matter that is falling into them is very bright.


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Just Goal Goal Goal!!!

We all have our goal or passion which we dream of and like the most. Isn’t it? And, we also know that for getting the goal we have to work on our goal everyday. But, does this happen? Unfortunately, usually not. We usually get distracted. This is a big problem. But, what’s the solution? So, to solve the problem of distraction, we should follow the given steps:

1.) Understand, what really happens at the time of distraction

At that time, we need to choose between two options. Either, we do the thing which we like the most i.e. Our passion or we do the thing which we want to do at that time simply because that looks attractive at that time. At the time, our passion or most liked thing can look less attractive. Let’s see it through an example, Our aim is to be an engineer, once a moment we get attracted to watching a movie, but we should study physics. So, here we have two options, physics or movie. Choosing between what we like the most and what we like at that moment is called discipline. But, usually we fail to choose to work on our goal and do what we like at that time. We get distracted.

2.) Understanding the importance of our goal

At the time of distraction, we forget the importance of our goal. So, we have to simply tell these lines to ourselves,”If I work on my goal, I will move towards my dreamlife and if I do the work which moves away from my goal is evil for me. And I know that evil never wins.Then, I will lose in life like a villain in a movie. If I work on my passion , the success I will get is beyond my imagination. My imagination is so tiny in front of that success. But, the evil will devastate my dream into atom like pieces. I will be nothing without my goal.”
The words above are simply making us afraid of the distractions and moving us emotionally away from distractions. We are getting emotionally connected to our goal.This is my main aim. I want you all to emotionally move away from distractions.

3.) Emotional Energy – The gigantic source of energy stored in humans

In class 7, my teacher told an incident happened in his life when he had very high fever and was on bed rest.Suddenly, he got a phone call and heard that his father had met with an accident. Suddenly, the energy less teacher without slippers started running on the road to the hospital. From where the sudden energy emerged? The medicines also can’t generate that giant sudden energy at that moment. That energy came from emotions which were attached to teacher with his father. No matter in which situation you are, emotions can provide you immense energy. That’s the power of emotions!!! I will discuss about this topic in detail in next blogs, so please follow our website to get notifications.

4.) Increasing the emotions!!

So, we are emotionally away from the the distractions and towards our goal. But, we have to increase our emotions to a tremendous level.
The strong emotions will give us long lasting energy to work on our goal.
For strong emotions, during saying the words to ourselves we should listen the music which has powerful genre. See, the music will change your mood and way of thinking to the type of genre you are listening. For example, if you are listening funny songs, you will get funny thoughts. But you have to listen sentimental and powerful song at that time and your emotions will go to high sentiments and generate new sentimental thoughts.
Music has a lot of benefits in development of our personality, We have talked about it in previous blog(The most powerful things in the world) and will go more deeper in next blogs. So please follow our website to get notified.

5.) Do your work now with 100% concentration

After thinking and generating emotions we have to do the work. Initially, we should take less hours and gradually increase our time. We will face many problems during the work like we can have regret of what the time we have wasted in past and can have fear of future results. So for this, we have made another article (how to overcome regrets and fear). You should go and see to get the solution of that problem.

Another problem you can face is that you can get bored. Remember one thing, ‘Nothing is boring in this world, just you haven’t find the interest in that thing ever. ‘ But if you put your 100% concentration in that, gradually you will find interest in that. It is a practical thing.

So, go and do the thinking with music everyday for 15 minutes. It’s time to do it practically.
We will discuss the topics like emotional energy, power of music and concentration in our next few blogs. So, please follow our site to get notified and click the like button if you like this article.😊😊😊😊

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How to Overcome Regret and fear?

Hey, when you have wasted more than half of the year of your session and studied nothing and now you have sit down to study. Then, can you study easily? I think whatever you have done before, you must have regret for that at that moment of study too which must be generating negative emotions at that time not letting you study. The second negative emotion arising at that time is your fear of failure in exam. See, first talk about regret. Simple question, When do we have regretful feelings? When we think that we have wasted our past, we then have regrets. So, what will happen when we suddenly start thinking that we haven’t wasted our past. Of course, we won’t do regret. There are two methods of learning. First, by any other source and second, by observation. Let’s assume, your teacher taught you about the many features of a park. You share this with your friend, what will you tell him? You will tell as many features as your teacher had told. But, when you see the park and observe that that is very amazing. Then you tell to your friend. You usually start with sentences like this “Hey, what do I tell you? Whatever i saw in the park, I can’t say in words ” Have you noticed the differences in the way of sharing the idea of the park when you heard by someone and when you directly observed. When you heard, you had limited words to say, but when you saw you had so many words that you didn’t know where to start with. In observation, the knowledge we get is immense. This thing I wanted to say. So, whatever the mistakes you have done in the past, you can learn with them and do not do that again. You must got some lessons. These lessons are observed. So, you have got immense learning. So, in this way we can use our past as the matter of immense observed learning that nobody can teach us. And, when we apply the learning in the present, gradually we will get improved. In this way we will think that our past have been use as a learning very important for us which is not a waste. So, in this way our regret of past will be removed. Now, when you apply the learning, you will get good results at everyday routine. These results will make you happy and remove your inner fear of Future slowly. Then, you will have focus on your Present. We don’t have to do regrets for the Past or fear from future, just we have to observe and understand the matter and use that understanding and then just leave the Past and the Future. But, You must have to remember one thing that this is a gradual process. You must have to be patient.
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In France, there were many factors used by revolutionaries to make France a nation which we have discussed earlier. We will discuss about them and we will also discuss about how the administrative system was created for making the it a state and what was the reason of nation to be formed.

  1. Symbolism and Statehood

La patrie means the fatherland and la citoyen means the citizen emphasized the notion of a united community enjoying equal rights under a constitution.

  1. Love to nation generation and history remembered

New hymns were composed, oaths were taken and martyrs commemorated.

  1. Common language

Regional dialects discouraged and French language (paris) became the common language

  1. Facilities of a democratic state

Estates general was elected by a body of active members and renamed into national assembly.

  1. Administration established with the help of nation’s idea

Uniform laws for all, abolishment of internal custom dues and duties and uniform system of weights and measures

  1. Nationalism – a need to remove despotism

France’s mission to liberate the Europeans from despotism by making them nation.


Reforms in administrative system by Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon had brought the monarchy again, but he had incorporated revolutionary principles in the administrative field in order to make the whole system more rational and efficient.

  • Civil Code – 1804
  • For the citizens
  1. Equality before law
  2. Right to property
  • No privilege on birth
  1. Extension of these policies to French captured areas (Dutch Republic, Switzerland, Germany and Italy)
  • Peasants
  1. Freed from serfdom and manorial dues
  • Towns
  1. Removed guild restrictions
  2. Transport and communication improved
  • Business and Manufacturing
  1. Uniform laws
  2. Standardized weights and measures
  • Common national currency
  1. All this facilitated movement and flow of goods from one region to another.
  • Mixed Reviews
  • Initially, in the French conquered areas, the French armies were welcomed as harbingers of Europe.
  • But the initial enthusiasm soon turned into hostility.
  • New administrative systems didn’t go hand in hand with political freedom.
  1. Increased taxation
  2. Forced conscription to French armies to conquer rest of Europe
  • Censorship



  • Landed and dominant class
  • Numerically small group
  • Have a common way of life that cut across regional divisions
  • Spoke French for diplomacy and in high society


  • Majority in population
  • In west, tenants and small owners lived
  • In east and central, landholdings done by serfs


  • Industrialization began in Britain in 18th Century and in Germany and France in 19th
  • New Working class and Middle class(Industrialists, Businessmen and Professionals)
  • These social groups were less in Eastern and Central Europe till 19th
  • They were Nationalists and anti – aristocratic.


Root Meaning – Freedom and liberty

Individual Level- Freedom and Equality before law


  • Country should run according to citizens
  • So, Govt. must run by people’s representative and with their agreement(consent)
  • End of autocracy and privileges
  • Constitution for all
  • Right to property


  • No universal suffrage
  • Limited suffrage to propertied men


  • Freedom in markets and abolishment of state imposed restrictions on trade


  • Confederation of 39 states was there.
  • Each had its own currency and weights and measures.
  • So, if a trader would pass through these states, he had to pay custom duty of each state and it was based on amount of goods but each state had its own weights and measures for calculating amount. So, it involved time consuming calculations and was very expensive.


  • Such conditions were viewed as obstacles of economic exchange and growth of new commercial class.
  • So, they asked for unified economic territory allowing unhindered movement of goods, labor and ca
  • ZOLLVERIN(1834)
  1. Customs Union
  2. Formed at the initiative of Prussia
  • Joined by most German states
  1. Removed tariff barriers
  2. Reduced currencies from 30 to 23
  • Further, railways stimulated mobility harnessing economic interests to national unification.
  • Thus, economic nationalism strengthened wider nationalists sentiments.


  • Conservative European government defeated Napoleon in 1815.
  • They supported traditional institutions.
  • Didn’t want pre revolutionary days.
  • In fact, believed that administrative changes can strengthen the monarchy like dynamic economic, Efficient bureaucracy and abolition of feudalism and serfdom.


  1. Member Countries- Britain, Russia, Prussia and Austria
  2. Settlement of Europe after napoleon
  • Hosted by Duke Metternich
  1. Objective- Undoing most of the changes done by napoleon
  2. Bourbon dynasty again came into power
  3. France lost its territories
  • States set up at boundaries of France to Limit its expansion
  • Geographical changes
  • Netherlands set up in north
  • Prussia got territories at west and Saxony
  • Genoa added to piedmont
  • Russia got Poland
  • Austria got northern Italy


  1. Didn’t tolerate criticism and dissent
  2. Curbed activities questioning the legitimacy of govt.
  • Censorship on press



  1. Birth
  • Genoa,1807Secret Societies
  • Carbonari
  • Young Italy(Marseilles)
  • Young Europe(Berne)
  • Sent into exile in 1831
  • Belief System
  • Believed that god had intended nations to be natural unit of mankind.
  • So, Italy should be a unified nation.
  • This is the way of liberty for Italy.
  1. Impact
  • Following his idea, secret societies set up in Germany, France, Poland and Switzerland.
  • His relentless opposition to monarchy and his vision of democratic republics frightened the conservatives.
  • Metternich described him as “Most dangerous enemy of our social order.”



  • France,1830
  • Bourbon dynasty overthrowned by liberals
  • Louis Philips became king
  • Metternich said, “When France sneezes, whole Europe catches cold.”


  • Uprising in Brussels led to Belgium breaking from Netherlands of UK


  • Greece- Part of Ottoman Empire since 15th Century
  • Revolution started in 1821
  • Cause- Growing Liberal nationalism feeling in Europe
  • Support- Exiled people of Greece and who had sympathie for ancient geek culture


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Why every constituency needs roughly equal population of voters ?

The country is divided into several areas for the purpose of the elections. These areas are called electoral constituencies.

The voters who live in an area elect one representative.


As we know that every vote should have equal value is one of the features of democracy, so constitution requires each constituency to have roughly equal population of voters within it.

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Theory of General and By elections

General Election

These elections are held in all the constituencies at the same time, either on the same day or within some days.

By election

Sometimes elections are held for a particular constituency to fill the vacancy caused by death or resignation of the members .

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The February Revolution in Russia


  • Workers’ quarters and factory were were located on right bank of River Neva (In Russia).
  • On the left bank, were the fashionable areas, official buildings, winter palace and the place where the Duma met.
  • In feb 2017(according to old julian calender used in Russia), food shortages were deeply felt in Workers’ quarters.
  • The winter was very cold.

Rise of the Revolution

  • On 22nd February a lockout took in a factory on the right bank .
  • Next day workers from 50 factories went on the strike.
  • In many factories women also led the strike, so this day later came to be known as international women’s day.
  • Demonstrating workers moved from factories to centre of the capital(petrogard) – neuskii prospekt .
  • At this stage no political party was organising the movement.
  • As the fashionable areas and official buildings were surrounded by workers, govt imposed a curfew(a regulation requiring people to remain indoors).
  • Demonstrators(striking workers) dispersed on the evening but they came back on 24th and 25th.
  • Govt. called out cavalry (soldiers who fought on horse) and police to keep an eye on them.

Returning back of the Revolution

  • On 25th feb, govt. suspended the duma.
  • On 26th, the striking workers in force returned back on the streets of the left bank.
  • The street was crowded with people raising slogans on bread, wages, working hours and democracy.
  • The police headquarters were looted.
  • Govt. called out cavalry once again, but they refused to attack on them.
  • The soldiers and the workers gathered on the same building where the duma met and formed the petrogard soviet.
  • The delegation went to see the Tsar.
  • Military commanders advised him to abdicate(resign) from the king’s post and he abdicated on 2nd March.
  • The soviet leaders and Dina leaders formed the provisional govt. to run the country.