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The most Powerful Things in the world

I have a question, do the most powerful things are matter?  Can you see them? Is money the most powerful thing? Is it fame? Or, is it any other?  The most powerful things do not lie in the outer world? But, they are what which make the humans unique? They lie in your mind and heart. … Continue reading The most Powerful Things in the world


Story of the black hole

Story of the black hole A black hole is a region of space from which nothing, including light, can escape.[1] According to the general theory of relativity, it is the result of the curving of spacetime caused by a very dense mass Around a black hole there is a position of no return, called the … Continue reading Story of the black hole

Poem to Students like chatur and education system

Sun tu mechanical learning kre Ratta maar maar kr padhe aur likhe Sharmaji ke beta se inspired hoke Ek comfortable job dhunde Usable knowledge se tu dur hua Real learning ka khatma kiya Apni purwajon ki naam nhi aati Lekin mughal khandan ka date of birth yaad kiya Money, marks, promotion chalta hai yahan Baccho … Continue reading Poem to Students like chatur and education system


NATIONALISM DUE TO MODERNITY Since the print revolution, the world is shrinking at the level of imagination. We are being connected to more and more people. The print technology, Industrial revolution, telecommunication, electrification, Internet communication and all other signs of modernity have created the nationalism. OTHER FACTORS The rise in the interconnection of people is … Continue reading NATIONALISM

What is the source of strength of Discipline?? MOTIVATION OR INSPIRATION

For achievement of goals, it matters how much disciplined we are. But, from where the energy of discipline comes from? What is its source? First source of discipline is motivation which is the first reason to achieve our goals. Usually, parents and teacher tell us to study for survival, getting wealth, fame and pleasure and … Continue reading What is the source of strength of Discipline?? MOTIVATION OR INSPIRATION

The benefits of accepting the reality

YOU WON'T BE MANIPULATED When people will see somebody who trusts the false things easily, then will try to fool him. He will be manipulated by others. But, if he accepts the reality, then he can't be fooled more. He can't trust on fake things now. YOU WILL HAVE CREATIVE AND UNIQUE MINDSET What is … Continue reading The benefits of accepting the reality


HTML-PREDEFINED LANGUAGE, HyperTextMarkupLanguage NOT CASE SENSITIVE HTML Is not a programming language and word processing tool Latest version- HTML5 Oldest version-HTML1 Tags are keywords to specify the structuring the content. e.g, An element represents complete individual. <title>ADarsh is one element Attribute adds extra bit of information to tags. Container element has both starting and empty … Continue reading Part 1 13 SE 20 MARKS KI GUARANTEE

Just Goal Goal Goal!!!

We all have our goal or passion which we dream of and like the most. Isn't it? And, we also know that for getting the goal we have to work on our goal everyday. But, does this happen? Unfortunately, usually not. We usually get distracted. This is a big problem. But, what's the solution? So, … Continue reading Just Goal Goal Goal!!!