How to Overcome Regret and fear?

Hey, when you have wasted more than half of the year of your session and studied nothing and now you have sit down to study. Then, can you study easily? I think whatever you have done before, you must have regret for that at that moment of study too which must be generating negative emotions at that time not letting you study. The second negative emotion arising at that time is your fear of failure in exam. See, first talk about regret. Simple question, When do we have regretful feelings? When we think that we have wasted our past, we then have regrets. So, what will happen when we suddenly start thinking that we haven’t wasted our past. Of course, we won’t do regret. There are two methods of learning. First, by any other source and second, by observation. Let’s assume, your teacher taught you about the many features of a park. You share this with your friend, what will you tell him? You will tell as many features as your teacher had told. But, when you see the park and observe that that is very amazing. Then you tell to your friend. You usually start with sentences like this “Hey, what do I tell you? Whatever i saw in the park, I can’t say in words ” Have you noticed the differences in the way of sharing the idea of the park when you heard by someone and when you directly observed. When you heard, you had limited words to say, but when you saw you had so many words that you didn’t know where to start with. In observation, the knowledge we get is immense. This thing I wanted to say. So, whatever the mistakes you have done in the past, you can learn with them and do not do that again. You must got some lessons. These lessons are observed. So, you have got immense learning. So, in this way we can use our past as the matter of immense observed learning that nobody can teach us. And, when we apply the learning in the present, gradually we will get improved. In this way we will think that our past have been use as a learning very important for us which is not a waste. So, in this way our regret of past will be removed. Now, when you apply the learning, you will get good results at everyday routine. These results will make you happy and remove your inner fear of Future slowly. Then, you will have focus on your Present. We don’t have to do regrets for the Past or fear from future, just we have to observe and understand the matter and use that understanding and then just leave the Past and the Future. But, You must have to remember one thing that this is a gradual process. You must have to be patient.

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